Learn with me

I am a professional journalist  in central Wisconsin by day. And at night – for the past several years – I have dreamed of exploring the vast variety of flutes throughout the world’s history and cultures.

My name is Nora Hertel. I earned my Bachelor of Arts at Lawrence University in music (and French, but that’s a different set of stories). My education centered on classical flute, but I also developed a deep interest in folk music and world music.

I grew up listening to my dad’s Celtic music and Native American flute albums. And in school I started to learn about the Japanese shakuhachi, Chinese dizi, and West African Fula flutes. I’ve been aching to delve deeper since.

And this website is where I am going to do that digging. I’ll be exploring stories behind the instrument and its players, marrying my two passions: music and writing.

Happy reading, happy listening!