Joanie Madden: Pipers’ Podcast ep. 3

“There’s something in this music that touches people and reaches into their hearts, into their souls.” – Joanie Madden of Cherish the Ladies and Pride of New York

Listen and learn about gut-wrenching Irish music, Madden’s entrance on the music scene in New York and a little bit of flute history in this episode of the Piper’s Podcast.

Joanie Madden is a decorated Irish flute and whistle player — though not a piper in the Irish sense. And she sat down with me in June to record this interview after the Minnesota Irish Music Weekend in St. Paul.

Madden has recorded and sold a lot of excellent music and won myriad awards. I heard her play Slán le Máigh live on whistle with Pride of New York the weekend of our interview. Do youself a favor and look it up. It tears my heart out.

Hear Madden play a little tune and talk about what she digs about the Irish whistle here:


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