Make noise: Pipers podcast ep. 02

Larry Riddle poses for a photo in his Wausau home in August 2015. Photo by Nora G. Hertel.

Playing the flute met two needs for Larry Riddle. It’s helped him manage his asthma and it helped him make some noise.

Over the years, Riddle has built up an instrument collection more than 20 Native American flutes strong. He doesn’t ever perform publicly, but some nights he plays into the evening off his back porch.

“Sometimes you just need to make noise,” he said in our interview in August 2015.

Riddle has practiced Tai Chi for about 35 years and taught for past 20 or so. Tai Chi is an ancient practice from China that incorporates meditative movements.

In the podcast Riddle demonstrates many flutes from his collection and talks about the similarities between his Tai Chi practice and flute playing.

Larry Riddle holds one of his Native American flutes in his Wausau, Wisconsin home in August 2015.

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